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【Announcement】The 1st Savar Inter-College Academic Quiz Contest was successfully held by VENTURAS LTD and University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)

VENTURAS LTD has successfully arranged the "Savar 1st Inter-College Academic Quiz Competition" On 4th February 2020, where 7 Colleges and 800+ students involved with the joint initiative of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.

Yoriko Ueda, Founder, and CEO of VENTURAS LTD was the secretary of the event.
The Chief Guest of the event was Prof. Md. Imrul Hasan (Principal, Savar Govt. College). Likewise,

Prof. Dil Afroza Shamim (Vice-Principal, Savar Govt. College), K.M. Delwar Hossain (Secretary of Teachers Council, Savar Govt. College), Shahana Jahan Siddique (Joint Secretary of Teachers Council, Savar Govt. College), Syeda Naznin Ferdowsy (Head, Department of Physics, Savar Govt. College), Mohammad Sahabuddin (Head, Department of Zoology, Savar Govt. College), Md. Fazlul Haque (Treasurer, Teachers Council, Savar Govt. College), Selina Sultana (Associate Professor, Department of Islamic History & Culture, Savar Govt. College), Salim Ahamed (Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Savar Govt. College), Imran Hossain (Rony) (Physical Teacher, Savar Govt. College), KH Badiul Alam (Head, Department of Islamic History & Culture, Savar Govt. College), Mr. Mehdi Rajib (Assistant Professor, School of Business), Yoto Nakmura (Consultant, Venturas LTD.) were presented as the Special Guests of the event.

The name of the participant Colleges of this contest are-

1. Savar Govt. College
2. Savar Cant. Public School & College
3. Savar Model College
4. Jahangirnagar University School & College
5. Maestro Crown College
6. Legend College
7. M.M. Chaklader Mohila College

WINNERS Colleges!
Champion:- Jahangirnagar University School & College (Team 1)
1st runners up:- Savar Model College (Team 3)
2nd Runners up:- Legend College (Team 2)

The prize was handed over by the Chief guest and the Special guests of the event.

Thank you all teachers and students for participating this big event, and congratulation once again for the winner teams.

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