We create a society where everyone realizes their dream by maximizing potential.

  • About VENTURAS

    VENTURAS is EduTech (Education × Technology) company based in Bangladesh.

    By maximizing the power of technology, we contribute to the learning sector of the emerging Bangladeshi market.


    We create a society where everyone realizes their dream by maximizing potential.​​


    Vision 2033

    Spreading businesses in the world, and giving the social impact to more than 100 million people for their better lives.​

  • Services

    We mainly provide our services in the scope of "LEARNING" and "WORKING".


    University Search & Comparison WEBSITE

    The 1st ever University search & comparison website for HSC students in Bangladesh. We're associated with many universities (both public&private) all over the country so that students can be less time and money consuming when searching and applying to Varsity.


    Work in JAPAN

    Job Placement services for IT Professionals in Bangladesh

    Specialized in high-skilled IT programmers, we support the job placement in Japanese IT companies. For both fresh-graduates and mid-career, Venturas Ltd is a trustworthy platform to connect to the proper clients in Japan.


    Student Counseling

    Consultancy​ services for higher education seekers

    We give every necessary advice and consultation to students who hope to study in both domestic and overseas Universities.




    Robotics and Engineering

    Program for school

    STEMON is robotics and engineering classes introduced for English Medium schools in Bangladesh. STEMON is JAPAN and U.S. Based learning method of STEM (Sciecne, Technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects.


    Mobile based Learning APP​

    “JANO KI" is the 1st memorizing app in Bangladesh for SSC and HSC students to ensure learning effectiveness. It provides contents of 19 subjects including 104 courses and 1000 vocabularies. "JANO KI" was introduced to more than 70 schools and colleges in Dhaka city, and used by more than 10,000 students.


    Digital Classroom SaaS Platform

    PODOKKHEP is the 1st Digital Classroom Platform fully customized and developed for Bangladeshi educational institutions. This helps teachers to visualize every student's weakness and strength as well as Batch-wise weakness so that teachers can have a proper strategy to improve their understanding level in a data oriented way.

  • Who we are



    He is the founder of Reapra, as well as SMS (2175, TSE 1st Section), one of the largest Asian internet based healthcare information platforms. SMS has a presence in 13 countries and over 30 different revenue streams. Shuhei was CEO for 11 years, leading the company to a Market Capitalisation of $500m before relinquishing his position in 2013. Personally, Shuhei is a prominent investor in start up companies and has so far invested in over 100 companies.


    Founder and CEO

    Having more than 13 yrs. of Project management and new biz development experience in IT, Marketing, and Start up industry in Japan.As well as one of the prominent B2B marketing strategists, leaded a lot of renown Japanese IT companies projects successfully.

    In 2015, established VENTURAS LTD in Dhaka as the 1st EdTech company in Bangladesh. Through the Information platform, contributing the emerging South-Asian Education industry.


    Honorary Advisor

    Served as a BUET professor. He has over 40 years of experience in different Japan-Bangladesh businesses.

    He was awarded ‘Order of the Rising Sun’, one of the most prestigious awards awarded by Japanese Emperor and Prime Minister of Japan.

    Advisor of JETRO(The Japan External Trade Organization) which is a part of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

    Chairman of NewVision Ltd.

  • Our Team

    VENTURAS's success is based on its people - on their enthusiasm, hard working, the pursuit to build a better world which continues to the next decades. We believe that thoughtful, but speedy action is everything to make us different to keep bringing new value to the society.

    Mahmudul Hasan

    Assistant manager

    Accounts & Admin

    "Passionate about working with Accounting and compliance. Like to keep the job interesting and collaborating with different people to achieve desired results for goal."

    Anis Shams

    Assistant Manager - Sales

    "Results driven, self-motivated. Like to meet with new people. Love to take challenges."

    Nurul Islam

    Lead Engineer

    "Smiling tech enthusiast. Good at managing team, projects and cloud servers. To me Programming Language is only a tool to solve a logical problem."


    Neela Sayma

    Student Counselor

    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.



    Md.Easin Arafat Dip

    Senior Executive - Sales​

    Love to work Independently where I can utilize my creativity to achieve the goals.


    Salvana Ahmed

    HR Specialist ​

    I love to deal with people. Great vision without great people is impossible. We create the circumstances to bring their best in them.


    Nazia Hossain

    Senior Executive- Sales

    Whatever comes forward, good or bad, just accept it and work hard. Try to flourish self-potentials for future betterment with a positive look towards life!

    Ferdowsy Hossan

    Student Counselor

    I like to throw myself in a challenging situation and replace my weakness to my uniqueness.



    Student Counselor

    Nothing is impossible, I believe this word strongly. For me Success is to achieve something that you never know you could do.”

    Shams Ikram Ahsan

    Senior Executive- Sales


    Love to travel, Love to talk. What I believe is that in the middle of every difficulty, opportunity lies

    Shib Shankar Bose

    Software Developer

    Endless Learner, A By Born Sportsman and I always Believe: "TRUTH CAN ONLY BE FOUND IN ONE PLACE: THE CODE"

    Sourav Roy

    Japanese Instructor

    If my actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and do more, I believe self-actualization can be achieved this process


    Japanese Instructor

    Wants to acquire more Experience & knowledge to enhance my carrier and can do special contribution towards my nation


    Japanese Instructor

    I always try to follow the situation and response. Because I believe that we need to choose our method of execution to achieve our goal.

    Mai Kanzawa

    Robot & Japanese Instructor

    There is nothing more important than meeting people, I want to treasure each end every meeting I have & make an effort to feel other people glad when they meet me.

    Amirul Hasan

    Contents Developer

    I like challenge and try new things so that I can grow myself through learning. Because I believe learning has no limit to stop.

    Ujjal Ahmed

    Contents Developer

    Prefer to take new challenges and overcome through hard working and gaining new experience to improve my skills.

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  • Our Clients

  • Group

    Parent Corporation

    Viling Holdings is the parent corporation of VENTURAS LTD and investing to Education related businesses in Asia. Currently it holds 5 subsidiaries which are mainly JAPAN based.



    Grandparent Corporation

    REAPRA PTE LTD is the parent corporation of Viling PTE LTD. It locates in Singapore, and holds more than 48 direct/indirect subsidiaries throughout South East Asia and Africa.



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    2019年5月10日 · Work in Japan,ITエンジニア,job placement
    2019年5月8日(水)福岡天神にて、「南アジアトップエンジニア採用セミナー」を(株)つなぐっとと共同開催いたしました。 セミナープログラム「現地からの報告」では、弊社Founder&CEOの上田代里子が、バングラデシュIT投資状況、エンジニアを育てる高等教育機関のシステム、他国と比べた際のスキル優位性等、リアルな現地のレポートをお届けいたしました。 当日は、合計24社の福岡の地元企業の皆様にお越し頂き、非常に強い関心をもってお聞き頂き、最後のQ&Aセッションも含め、盛況に終了することが出来ました。 (セミナー概要詳細:http://www.venturas-bd.com/blog...
    2019年5月5日 · Work in Japan,ITエンジニア
    VENTURAS LTD appeared in Financial Express, which is the first financial English newspaper in Bangladesh, The Asian Age, which is English daily newspaper in India, for its achievement to have supported 15 AIUB (American International University-Bangladesh) graduates to get hired by Japanese...
    2019年4月28日 · ITエンジニア,Work in Japan
    VENTURAS LTD appeared in Financial Express, which is the first financial English newspaper in Bangladesh, for its achievement to have supported 13 IUB( International University of Bangladesh) graduates to get hired by Japanese company on 10. January. 2019. Venturas Ltd conducted the first On...
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    You want to be part of our extraordinary team of talented individuals? A job at VENTURAS is not like any other job.

    If you are really eager to grow yourself rapidly by taking challenges at the fullest in Start-up culture,

    VENTURAS is the place to be.

    -Biz Development Manager

    -Senior Biz Executive

    -HR Senior Executive
    -Marketing Executive

    Covery market research, making marketing and sales strategy, and executing that with the team. Strong leadership and proactive thinnking and action, reflection is strongly required. ( Minimum working experience: 3years)

    -Biz Executive (Intern)

    Covery market research, making marketing and sales strategy, and executing that with the team. Strong leadership and proactive thinnking and action, reflection is strongly required. ( Both graduate and undergraduate students are possible to apply)

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